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A little about me and how I came to be doing this

Curious to know what I did in my past life? Maybe like you, I'm a corporate escapee. University educated in Supply Chain & Logistics (soooo boring, but surprisingly useful in this line of work!) and worked several years in Oil & Gas & Management Consulting. Prior to that it was all things travel - cruise ships, travel agent, ski rep, wherever a new adventure was waiting.

After a few years of corporate I felt "stuck". The monotony of commuting to work, following instructions, being responsible - I longed for a time when I called or the shots and made my own schedule and rules and now with a young family it was more important than ever.

I started my own business on a whim and it failed miserably. My husband started dropping the "D" word into conversation (divorce!) and my son hardly saw me while I tried to make my business work.

Thankfully I fell into the world of Kajabi, right out of left-field, but thank God I did! All of a sudden I had found my people, my calling, my passion, and 2 years on I'm ready to help other corporate escapees do the same. 

Wondering what it might be like to work with me?


What my students are saying

Carmel D'Arienzo

"Meg is a special trainer. She goes above and beyond to give value. I recently participated in one of her free 5 day challenges and she overdelivered! What I love about Meg's way of teaching is that she focuses not only on information, but on implementation. She empowers you to take the action you need to take.

Don't be fooled by her soft, soothing voice - she will inspire you to take your idea and make it reality. Her servant heart and her willingness to help her participants and clients is so appreciated!"